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Why Aren’t Drupal 8 Menus Part of Configuration Management?!

I encountered a frustrating aspect of Drupal 8 this evening as I was building a site for a client and experimenting with deployment routines to other environments. First, a bit of setup. If you’re reading this, then you’re probably already aware of the much heralded refactor of Drupal’s configuration management system, which enables you to export site configuration to YAML files, so that you can version control the files and deploy them to other environments. Tools like drush make this an easy and effective way to migrate new content types, fields, views, roles, permission settings, and other common Drupal configuration…

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10 ways for e-commerce to prep for holiday shoppers

Is Your E-Commerce Site Ready for the Holiday Shopping Season?

It’s almost Fall. And Christmas trees and snowmen are likely the last things on your mind. But few things put people into the shopping mood quite like the holiday season. And it seems to start earlier every year! Should you start preparing in September? Absolutely – and here are the ten things you should be checking: Get Your Holiday Graphics Ready Now’s the time to start designing your creatives (or have them designed) for the holiday season. Make sure to have a variety of sizes and placements in mind not just on your website, but on every website you advertise with…

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Bounce Rates: How They Affect Your Conversion Rates and How to Fix Them – Starting Today

When looking over your analytics data about the visitors who came to your site, you’re likely to see something called “Bounce Rate”. This is the number of visitors who came to your site, decided for whatever reason that it wasn’t for them, and “bounced” right out the digital door. Can this number be lowered? Absolutely. While you can’t be everything to everyone, there are still some steps you can take to get that bounce rate lowered and improve every visitor’s browsing experience on your site – starting today. Here’s how to do it: Look At Your Referrers If there’s a…

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What is CRO and Why Do E-Commerce Sites Need It?

It’s no secret that competition on the web is fierce. Now, more than ever, your competitors are jockeying for first page positions, leaving you to wring every drop of great customer experience out of your website. But how can you do that and what’s the best way to get started? The answer is three simple letters: CRO. What is CRO? CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimization. It’s part art and part science and all about getting actionable, trackable results. Each time a visitor takes the action you want them to take on your website, whether it’s buying a product or…

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Troubleshoot PHP Performance Issues With Blackfire Profiler

The situation: One of our clients was experiencing an issue where logging into their site took a couple minutes. We have performance monitoring on their server and couldn’t spot anything out of the ordinary for the CPU, memory usage, web workers, etc. It’s probably an issue in the PHP app layer we thought and a perfect excuse to give Blackfire Profiler a try! Installing Blackfire Profiler was a breeze. We typically run RHEL/CentOS and is an excellent example of how software should provide installation docs and packages. (If it’s too difficult to install then how will it gain adoption?) First was the…

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Endertech Takes on the 100 Day Project

If you had 100 days to learn a new skill, improve yourself, or share something you love with the world, would you? At Endertech, we’re doing exactly that. We’ve accepted the challenge of the 100 Days Project to commit to doing something every single day, for 100 days straight. Find out what each Endertechie is doing for the next 100 days and how to keep up with their progress.

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Drupal 8, Grounded in Symfony

Drupal is a powerful open-source and flexible content management system (that’s why we love working with it). But lets face it, it’s earlier versions have a few “wrinkles.”

While PHP has drastically evolved in the past few years, Drupal has lagged behind a bit, especially with adopting and promoting solid software engineering pattern, such as object oriented programming, model-view-controller (MVC), or REST.

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Achieving PCI Compliance for SAQ D with Amazon AWS

A client of ours had pressed upon them a requirement from their merchant account provider that they certify PCI Compliance for their software. The software in question was a custom web application we developed for them, which implements a unique subscription model for their product. When we originally developed the application, PCI compliance rules were at version 2, and we engineered the software to comply with the version 2 rules to minimize their exposure. We utilized as the payment gateway, and stored no credit card information locally on the web server. In order to charge customer cards, we integrated...
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