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Endertech Takes on the 100 Day Project

If you had 100 days to learn a new skill, improve yourself, or share something you love with the world, would you? At Endertech, we’re doing exactly that. We’ve accepted the challenge of the 100 Days Project to commit to doing something every single day, for 100 days straight. Find out what each Endertechie is doing for the next 100 days and how to keep up with their progress.

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Drupal 8, Grounded in Symfony

Drupal is a powerful open-source and flexible content management system (that’s why we love working with it). But lets face it, it’s earlier versions have a few “wrinkles.”

While PHP has drastically evolved in the past few years, Drupal has lagged behind a bit, especially with adopting and promoting solid software engineering pattern, such as object oriented programming, model-view-controller (MVC), or REST.

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