United Oil approached EnderTech seeking help with developing a suite of custom web-based business applications to manage the gargantuan data needs that come with running a successful retail and wholesale fuel business with over 130 stations spread across Southern California.

EnderTech’s consultants and engineers were to become deeply entrenched with United Oil’s senior management, coming to understand the business and provide solutions that reduce cost and manual labor, through computerized automation and software services that can be delivered through a browser to any of their stations.


To date there have been many solutions and systems we have built for United Oil that have become a part of the daily fabric of their operations. All these solutions have come to save their employees and the company time and money as processes that were once laborious chores performed with carbon paper and pencil, became digitized.

Each solution has been born from EnderTech’s talented and insightful business/technical minds collaborating with UO’s managers and employees to understand their current processes, their data needs, and working together to invent new computerized processes that eliminate waste and free up resources.


EnderTech’s custom software products have saved UO countless man-hours over the years, while improving communications to remote locations and with customers.

Our web-based approach have all but eliminated deployment costs since no special software is needed at remote locations.

Some of our custom-built software solutions have saved UO from seven figure expenses that would have otherwise been incurred by outside vendors with pre-packaged industry solutions.

In these cases, we’ve built the software, perfectly tailored to UO’s needs, for a fraction the cost of “off-the-shelf” proprietary industry software.