Design at Endertech:
Creating Beauty and Utility

We define design as the purposeful creation of things.

People often think of design just as the look and feel of something – the form – and to a great extent that is true. However, design also addresses how things work – that is, the function. Good design should create harmony between beauty and utility.

When you work with Endertech, you work with an organization that knows how to convert insights about your business into tangible solutions that address the goals of your organization and the desires of your audience through design. We are highly skilled at finding simplicity in complex and dynamic situations. We do this by leveraging a process called Design Thinking.

Design Thinking is our process for creating new, innovative ideas and solving problems. It is not limited to a specific industry or area of expertise. It can be applicable to any industry or area of expertise.

At Endertech, we have three core design principles:

1. Understanding the business problem or goal.
2. Empathizing with the user.
3. Problem solving.

This way of approaching design allows us to apply a designer’s sensibility to any product, service, process, physical space or problem that involves human interaction.


Natural Curiosities

Natural Curiosities

Natural Curiosities needed a partner to help them redesign their online business, by integrating with their back office and fulfillment, and revamping their e-commerce store.

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We use design to create ideas that better meet business/consumer needs and desires.

It is strategic and leads to impactful new forms of value. Our value to your organization as designers is in our ability to explore, without limitation, through the psychology of people. The way people see themselves determines their behavior and that is something that we can influence through design.

Design at Endertech is all about upgrading within your constraints. Let’s have a conversation related to your goals and desires for your product or service to see how we can help you.


“EnderTech is an exceptional company with unparallelled customer service, technical expertise and most importantly smart and savvy personnel… provided critical insight in all phases of development, from conceptual design through search engine optimization…. a long term partner…”

– Robert Hayes, Owner, The Hana Shirt Co.

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