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Shopify vs. Magento: Which to choose?

When searching for an e-commerce platform there are several options that are available. As Los Angeles e-commerce experts we’ve had experience with e-commerce platforms both custom-built and third-party since our early years. This article focuses primarily on two major platforms rather than an overview of all platforms. However, because both have a vast amount of functionality that is similar to other platforms this can also be interpreted as a high-level hosted vs self-hosted comparison. What is an e-commerce platform?…

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Edge Computing with Fastly CDN and Varnish VCL for Authenticated Requests

This article provides a brief explanation of how we were able to utilize a CDN with dynamic authenticated requests for static files while still offloading the file transfers from the origin to the CDN edge. What is Fastly or Varnish? Here at Endertech we’ve had our experiences with Varnish and writing custom VCL since the early 3.x days. We think it’s awesome that Varnish has a company like Fastly that’s bringing it to the CDN edge and…

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Building a Shopify Carrier Service App

This article will show you how relatively straight forward it is to build a Shopify Carrier Service that integrates with your store. What is a Shopify Carrier Service? Shopify is a managed e-commerce platform that allows integration via the use of Apps. Apps can have access to the Carrier Service API that allows Shopify stores to incorporate custom shipping methods. It does so by making an external API request to the app and retrieves the carrier/shipping descriptions…

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Brief Intro to Eddystone, Physical Web, and Google Nearby

If you’ve been keeping up with the various updates on Physical Web, Nearby, Eddystone, and so on you’ve probably wondered what the difference is between them all; especially since Physical Web and Nearby seem to do the same thing. We did too so we did some investigation but first let’s cover the fundamentals. Eddystone Eddystone is a bluetooth beacon protocol originally developed by Google. Eddystone supports different “frame formats” which is a type of beacon advertisement. One of…

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What’s coming up for Bluetooth on the web?

Update 2016-09-19: Added Estimote Mirror that was recently announced. Bluetooth has come a long way since it’s inception in 1994. There are some exciting new innovations being worked on beyond just the standard beacons. We’ll guide you through a few that we think are most exciting to the web. Web Bluetooth Web Bluetooth is a standard that’s in development to allow devices to interact with other devices over Bluetooth within the web browser. Chrome is already testing this out….

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How to Fix Your Custom Theme After Magento 2.1.0 Upgrade Breaks It

Recently we upgraded a client site from Magento 2.0.7 to Magento 2.1.0, and discovered that our custom theme broke after the upgrade. Below is some information that we hope will help other developers who encounter a similar problem. Software versions (before upgrade) Apache 2.2.29 PHP 7.0.8 MySQL 5.6.25 Magento 2.0.7 and a custom Magento theme Steps to reproduce Follow instructions and upgrade Magento from 2.0.7 to 2.1.0 (reference: Run "php bin/magento setup:upgrade" Analysis It seems,...
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Notable Updates for Authorize.Net – July 2016

Don’t dismiss Authorize.Net too quickly! If you’ve been in the e-commerce sector as long as we have you’ll undoubtedly have plenty of experience with the 20-year-strong Authorize.Net payment gateway. Authorize.Net has been introducing a lot of changes recently, maybe in response to competition from the likes of Braintree, Stripe, and even PayPal. A lot of  these changes have been desired for a long time so it’s good to see them finally implemented. Anything that makes the user experience…

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Recent Magento Deployment for Major Athletic Apparel Maker

Endertech is proud to announce the recent deployment of Score Sports. Score Sports is an athletic apparel maker and distributor focused on youth sports. They make many of the uniforms used by various club teams and other organizations. They made a name for themselves producing high quality soccer uniforms for AYSO regions and other major soccer clubs and have expanded into basketball, baseball, sports equipment and more. Score engaged Endertech after a previous development agency could…

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Behold Firebase 2.0!

Firebase is a unified app platform for Android, iOS and the web Even though it has been a few weeks since Google I/O 2016 took place (May 18th-20th), I think it is still worth highlighting one of Google I/O’s significant announcements in the mobile app space. This year’s Google I/O keynote focus revolved around natural language processing with the reveal of Google Assistant, a new instant messaging app, Allo , and the launch of their…

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Drupal 8 Site for Doyle New York

Rebrand & Drupal 8 CMS for Famous Auction House Doyle New York

Endertech is proud to announce the launch of the all new is Endertech’s most advanced Drupal 8 website yet: A database that includes hundreds of thousands of searchable pages of past auction information A powerful and well-organized CMS that puts control in the hands of Doyle’s marketing & design staff A custom integration with Doyle’s in-house database that automatically feeds new auction data into the CMS A beautiful new design that implements Doyle’s brand…

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