Taking Charge of a Website While Managing a Sales Territory

Bakon USA Food Equipment is the Torrance, California branch office servicing the North American customers of its Netherlands based parent. Bakon manufactures equipment and applications for the food industry, especially the bakery, pastry and chocolate world. It focuses on the cutting edge technology whether its for icing donuts or lightly powdering chocolate truffles.

To be successful, a Bakon USA website would need to tell its story through content (products, services, company history, etc.) and most importantly, generate leads. That was not the case when the Bakon USA website was just an off shoot of its parent’s site. It presented several challenges to Bakon USA:

  • It was nearly impossible for visitors to find information about products due to a poor information architecture.
  • Bakon USA had almost no control over site functionality or the timely updating of content.
  • Because the site was not under their control, they couldn’t optimize it for search engines, which practically left them out of search results.

Bakon USA needed its own website to address these issues as well as to pursue additional opportunities in North America. However, having its own website also included its being overseen by a very small branch office. Content management and the ability to analyze traffic and site activity would need to be extremely user friendly. Bakon USA saw the need to take control of their internet presence.

Content Management and Analysis in Context

A stand alone website under “” was the initial step for Bakon USA controlling its internet presence and establishing a geographically distinct identity. That control and fresh start were, of course, only small steps toward increasing site traffic and lead generation.

To give Bakon the site control that they desperately needed, EnderTech chose Diem for the new site’s Content Management System. To start, Diem gave Bakon USA the ability to maintain content directly within the context of its site pages. Instead of having to update content in a backend environment (e.g., WordPress), Bakon could do so directly within the environment of a site page. Updating of content could be seen in context.


Diem is the CMS component for Symfony 1.4. It also includes the flexibility to manage content in the back-end as well. Although Bakon is not an e-commerce business, it does have an extensive product catalog to display. A back-end application was implemented so that Bakon could catalog, group and cross reference its products in various ways.


In addition to Bakon USA being able to simply and timely manage content, Diem natively handles Search Engine Optimization. It allowed EnderTech to implement the extensive on page SEO that it had researched pertaining to optimal keywords for Bakon USA’s site.

Additionally, website analysis applications were incorporated so as to measure the progress toward Bakon USA’s lead generation:

  • ClickTale (Software as a Service that tracks on-site behavior) was installed to deliver actionable insights through visualizations of in-page behavior.
  • WebPosition, a suite of tools (PageCritic, InLinks and Reporter) that allows for sorting and filtering of SEO results, was implemented enabling Bakon to gain insights for focusing and measuring ongoing SEO strategies.


Mission Accomplished

Thanks to a successful collaboration Bakon USA’s objectives have been achieved with a well designed, visitor friendly site. It is representative of Bakon USA’s North American presence, provides them control over content in a user friendly manner, and most importantly generates leads for potentially convertible customers. Its prior site was unnavigable and only generated a few random leads. The new site produces an average of 6 leads per day.

“It’s really fun to see that even over a weekend we’re getting requests for quotes from the site. Our business is essentially open during the weekend even though we’re not there. And when we receive requests from all over the world, it makes us feel that there’s a borderlessness to our online presence.” Luc Imberechts, Bakon USA President

Bakon USA and the EnderTech team continue to collaborate to grow and improve the site. Currently in development is a project to add a product configurator. Visitors would be able to “play” with the various options available for Bakon products. For example, seeing the affect of adding a liquid syrup pump to a jelly glaze sprayer. The more time that a potential lead spends on Bakon’s site playing with product options, the better the chance of converting them into a customer.