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Let’s Talk About Solutions, Not Technology!

Over the past 15 years Endertech has produced a lot of Internet technology (a lot).

Really, though, we prefer to think of it as producing solutions.  The technology is only the means to an end, the answer to a question.

When a small business owner, a start up founder, or a project manager comes to us, they don’t talk about technology.

They talk about what they need, their goals, how they’re growing their company, what’s impeding their progress, or slowing their success.

 Since 2000 we’ve had a lot of conversations – with businesses very similar to yours.  While the specifics may vary, the path of those conversations take remain the same.  It goes something like this:

‘I have a [business goal].  Can you help me achieve it?’


‘Oh no, [business need]!  Can you help me solve that?’

But these are not conversations about technology.  They focus on goals (increasing lead generation, envisioning new business ideas) or needs (smoother online transactions, more efficient processes, improved team communications).

That’s not to say we couldn’t talk your ear off about technologySymfony CMF, corporate intranets, Magento e-commerce, Linux servers, Apache, MySQL databases, PHP, Javascript, Angular.js, and more.  But what do those things really mean?

These terms simply describe the technical solutions to a business goal or a business need.  Though the solution might involve technology, the goal rarely does.

And that’s what we deliver.  We use our prowess with today’s technology to help businesses reach goals and solve problems.  We architect solutions.

The best partnerships start with a simple conversation.  How can we help you?  Fill out the form below (or click here) and we’d love to take some time to talk about your business.

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Endertech is one of Los Angeles’ most experienced web design, app & software development companies.

We solve complex business challenges…

Clients bring to us their ideas, their challenges, their goals…

We bring creativity, technical know-how, and disciplined process…

From simple e-commerce… to custom online business systems…. and so much in between…

We’ve seen a lot, we’ve done a lot, we’ve learned a lot…

Join us, take advantage of this friendly team of smart professionals whose mission is to help you achieve your goals!

Primary Service Areas

Strategy & Design

Begin with planning. Study the marketplace, look your idea square in the face. Adapt. Produce a vision, create a blueprint, visualize the desired end results before you commit all your resources.

Websites, Apps & Software

There are many great foundations to start with, many workable themes... but the true ideal for your company will take these as only starting points, and form a solution specifically for you.

Content Management

Well-organized information will lead your visitors quickly to where they want to be. Organizing information well is a challenge requiring both technical and human solutions.


Selling online has never been easier... and it has never been harder. Easier for all the tools that now exist... harder for the saturated marketplace. Experienced travelers can help guide your way.

Online Marketing & Analytics

How well do you know what customers and potential customers think about and experience with your site? Smart analysis and interpretation of the metrics coming out of analytical software is key.


Your site and systems needs to be fast if you intend to maximize your opportunities online. It's easy to be penny wise pound foolish with your hosting infrastructure. Choose premium hosting.

Maintenance & Support

Stay on top of critical patches to your servers and web-based software system. Stay ahead of the competition with proactive enhancements based upon data and smart analysis.

Specialties – CMS & Framework


A great platform for business marketing, news, magazine, and small to medium scale sites with a focus on content.


A robust content management system for large scale content sites, and content sites with many document types or moderate customization needs.


Our preferred platform for custom web sites, web services, and complex web applications. Also great for heavily customized content management systems.

Specialties – E-Commerce


A super robust platform for e-commerce growth. Whether you need something setup quick and out of the box, or need something robust for enterprise e-commerce, Magento can deliver.

A leading online payment processing service, and our go to for many custom e-commerce applications.


A mainstay for secure payment processing. PayPal is great for many e-commerce needs and their modern-day API provides for all sorts of interesting payment options.

Balanced Payments

Balanced combines the benefits of online payment processing with escrow. Balanced is perfect for many e-commerce needs, and its flexibility enables custom applications.

Specialties – Hosting

Rackspace Cloud

Rackspace is an excellent provider of cloud hosting solutions. We provide expert web server and server cluster administration services through their platform.

Amazon AWS

Amazon AWS is the goliath of the cloud hosting world. We leverage their web services for a variety of hosting needs to suit our clients' growing businesses.

Specialties – Core


Our love affair with open source software began with Linux in the late nineties. Linux is the project that started it all and much of the Internet's growth can be attributed to its free and open nature.


The Apache Foundation is like a godfather of the open source movement. The HTTPD web server is the most widely utilized, and their numerous other open source projects are major players.


MySQL has been a leading open source database server system since the 1990's. MySQL has provided a serious alternative to super expensive proprietary relational databases for well over a decade now.


PHP's relative ease and forgiving nature helped it rise as the dominant web programming language in the late nineties through today. It has matured well and now stands as a foundational language for much high quality software.


The fundamental language of the web, you learn this one before all others. Savvy HTML5 can lead to fast and elegant websites.


CSS controls the design and layout of your site. Smart CSS can help to minimize maintenance costs related to redesign, and can lift your site's design to professional levels.


The language originally used to build dynamic client-side web applications, and now making in-roads on the server. AJAX, jQuery, node, phantom, Angular, and more.