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You want expert Magento developers who will deliver quality – on time and on budget.
We are a Los Angeles Magento developer that will do exactly that.

Work With a Skilled Magento Developer

Success in e-commerce has a lot to do with how your initial architecture is set up. We depend on your success to fuel ours, so we’ve spent a decade studying ideal e-commerce architectures.

Depend On Us To Deliver

With 17+ years in business developing e-commerce, and nearly half of those as a Los Angeles Magento developer, we have the experience, skills, and process you can rely on.

Your E-Commerce Business Will Grow

We know the industry and marketplace and can help you expand the visibility of your store and products, while delivering a great user experience to those new visitors.

You Will Enjoy Working With Us

We rigorously hire only smart people who are passionate about delivering excellent service and excellent products. Your calls and emails will be quickly answered, solutions will come easily, and working with us will simply be fun.

The Price is Right

While you can find lower hourly rates all around the world, your best results will come from working with the best people. WE are cost-effective, because we are more insightful, more experienced, and we get work done faster at higher quality.

Top Magento Developers – Meet Process

Our 17+ years in business have led us to develop systems and learn tools that make project efficient. This leads to the clear documentation and accountability necessary to drive projects to conclusion.

Consulting – Getting Organized

Our Magento developers first need to understand your products and your goals. Structuring your catalog well is the first order of business, as it affects so much else down the road. From there, we focus on user experience, marketing considerations, and whatever initiatives are you priority.

Design – Plans and Visuals Clarify Direction

With the team all on the same page about the nature of your business and your objectives, we turn to designing solutions. These can be frontend visual or backend logistic in nature depending on the task. The outcome of the design phase will be clear directions for our Los Angeles Magento developers.

Development – Plans Ready, Time to Build

With the clarity achieved through our design plans, our developers will be assigned and our project managers will push the project through to completion. You will receive regular status updates all along the way.

Deployment & Support – We’re There for You

Our technical practices will ensure a smooth deployment with minimal, or no downtime. From there, we remain ready to support, whether through SEO, digital marketing support, or continuing enhancements to improve conversions on your site.

Los Angeles Magento Developer

We develop Magento e-commerce solutions that form the backbone of our clients’ business success. If you would like learn more about what Magento is, please click here.

Startups · Small Business · Enterprise

We have developed Magento websites for companies of all sizes. Our proposals, resources, and project plans can easily scale to your needs.

New Builds & Maintenance

Whether you are switching platforms, creating a new site, or simply need a new team to perform an audit and take over management, we can service you.

Leadership in Los Angeles

We are a Los Angeles Magento developer with in-house talent that leads our projects. You will work with local designers, developers and managers. We also utilize vetted overseas resources when appropriate to deliver you the utmost in speed, quality, and affordability.

Flexible Arrangements

Whether you need a fixed-bid proposal, or an arrangement that is contained within your monthly, quarterly, or annual budget, we are experienced in tailoring plans to your needs.

Success Story
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“Endertech consistently delivered top quality work with clear, honest communication. They were absolutely instrumental to the ongoing evolution and success of the product.”

– Zack Avshalomov, Project Manager, United States Artists


Our experience as a Los Angeles web designer spans many different categories & industries.


  • Pepsi Bottling Group
  • United Oil
  • Capital Brands
  • Agility Logistics


  • Score Sports
  • Doyle New York
  • Mathnasium


  • Pick My Solar
  • HatchFund
  • GoldenTote
  • InnovationDock


  • The Metiri Group
  • Future Ready
  • L.A. Dept. of Neighborhood Empowerment

Museums & Universities

  • California State University, Northridge
  • Philadelphia Museum of Art
  • University of Bristol – United Kingdom


  • The Alliance for Children’s Rights
  • United States Artists
  • Wende Museum
  • Los Angeles Opportunity Youth Collaborative

Fashion & Retail

  • Natural Curiosities
  • American Made Supply Co
  • Milk Jar Cookies
  • MUA Shop / CosmoCult

Professional Services

  • Adishian Law
  • Environmental Noise Control
  • Dynamic Research, Inc.
  • Whole You


  • System’s Technology, Inc.
  • Global Electronic Technology
  • KPU Telecom
  • Microfarads