Software Development

Your Content Management System… More Than What Your Users See

The design of your content management system is more than visualizing the templates your organization will fill content into. The design phase of your CMS is actually an opportunity to review your workflows, your decision making processes, and improve the way you operate and express your business going forward. There is this ongoing dance between the existing dynamics of your business and how content production and strategy can be streamlined by defining policies and standards….

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How an API works.

API’s And Your Company’s Software

Smart use of API can help you design, develop, and implement software that is more future-ready for your company. Do you understand what an API is and are you planning to incorporate any into your software? Are you planning to develop your own API and expose your own data through web services? I ask these questions and write this article today because still, even in 2016, I am surprised by how many clients of ours come to us not really understanding…

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